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It was not long before officials of the new national radio station hired her as a chorus singer. The leaders of many Arab nations have hosted and honored her with medals. In the s, Fairuz also became an actress, starring in four films between and Her conservative father initially objected, but the devout Christian girl felt the salary from the job could help her achieve her real goal of becoming a teacher. Since the middle of the 20th century, the most famous living Arab singer and crown jewel of Lebanese music has been Fairuz birth name Nuhad Haddad.

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His first step was the establishment of The Council of Islamic Guidance in , which provides spiritual and moral guidance to young and old in Toronto area. While working with young minds he felt the need for a central place, open for everyone, to perform their religious duties and increase interaction among the community members. He combines his acute sensitivity to human nature, in order to understand and explain the complexities of human experience in such simple terms that everyone can understand and follow.

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