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Yaad rahe momin aur saaleh insaano ki tarah momin aur saaleh jinn bhi jannat mein jayengey jis tarah waha insaan mardo k liye insaan auratey aur insaan hoorey hongi usi tarah jinn mardo k liye jinn auratey aur jinn hoorey hongi, goya noo insaan k liye unke ham jins aur noo jinn k liye unke ham jins hoorey hongi. Hazrat Aadam Alaihis Salaam arz karenge ae Allah mein hazir hu teri khidmat mein aur teri ita'at mein aur bhalayi tere hi haath mein hai tab Allah ta'ala farmayega makhlooq mein se aagh ki jama'at alag karo Hazrat Aadam Alaihis Salaam arz karenge aagh ki jama'at kitni hai? Ooooohhh Yaad bhi teri yaad hai bann gyi Dhadkane b ab meri thamm gayi Similar Tracks. Sahih Bukhari Kitabul Jana'iz Wazahat: Majmua e Zawa'id

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